At Galen, we solve recruitment challenges by taking a consistent, disciplined approach to understanding enrollment barriers for each study site - leading to the development of tailored, cost-effective strategies that drive results.


Galen examines all of the individual variables in the study enrollment equation - the research sites, the clinical investigators, the study coordinators, and, most importantly, the patients. We look at the treatment algorithm for the condition and develop compelling messages that resonate with the study population. We then evaluate media and outreach opportunities in each study market, optimizing target audience reach and cost-effectiveness.


Galen oversees each step of the recruitment campaign - from coordinating media placement, to managing referring physician outreach, to distributing education materials, to engaging coordinators throughout the study. Our day-to-day involvement in all aspects of the recruitment campaign ensures timely and consistent execution for each study site.


Like our clients, we have a passion for data. The moment a recruitment campaign begins, we begin tracking a range of metrics - response rates to different outreach initiatives, reasons for subject disqualification, inquiry to referral ratio, and more. Data is gathered in real-time and analyzed from multiple perspectives, ensuring that recruitment trends are quickly identified and outreach tactics are continually optimized.

Access Detailed Recruitment Data in Real-Time