Galen Gateway™

Galen Gateway Screenshot

Galen Gateway connects study sponsors and coordinators in a secure, web-based environment that makes it easier than ever to manage patient flow from referral to study completion. With Galen Gateway powering your study, all team members are better informed - leading to better decision-making throughout your study:

Galen Gateway™ Clinical Coordinator Features:

Galen Gateway CRC View
  • Real-time access to new patient referrals, helping to ensure coordinators are quickly put in touch with interested patient-candidates
  • Add a Patient feature allowing coordinators to seamlessly input and pre-screen internally generated referrals
  • Study Calendar to schedule/track individual patient appointments from initial screening visit through final follow-up
  • Patient Reminder printouts outlining remaining study visits, helping to drive patient retention
  • Coordinator access to recruitment/retention materials, latest study news and FAQ's
  • Simple, clean interface and navigation, making for rapid integration among all study coordinators

Galen Gateway™ Study Sponsor Features:

Galen Gateway Sponsor Inquiry View
  • Up to the minute patient referral and enrollment snapshot across all study sites
  • Real-time access to a variety of sortable, site-specific enrollment data, including:
    • Response rates to different outreach tactics
    • Inquiry to referral ratios
    • Reasons for subject disqualification
    • Site enrollment rates
    • Referral follow-up rates
  • Galen Gateway Sponsor Enrollment View Convenient conversion of enrollment data into charts and graphs for distribution among study stakeholders
  • Ability to quickly update study coordinators via access to recruitment materials, study news, and FAQ's