No two clinical enrollment challenges are alike. That's why Galen Patient Recruitment offers a comprehensive range of services to help clients meet their study timeline objectives. From investigative site selection to patient recruitment planning/execution to study coordinator support, Galen's programs are designed to tackle the multitude of factors that determine study enrollment success.

Investigative Site Selection

Galen identifies potential study sites based on a combination of predictive enrollment criteria including investigator experience, site administrative capabilities, and geographic disease state prevalence - ensuring sites are well-positioned to meet study enrollment expectations.

Recruitment Planning/Assessment

Galen collaborates directly with individual study sites to identify enrollment challenges and develop cost-effective outreach programs that are tailored to site-specific needs. Upfront recruitment planning is essential to timely study completion, helping to uncover 'watch outs' before they have the chance to negatively impact enrollment.

Patient Outreach

Effective clinical trial recruitment requires a range of materials that stimulate patient interest and reinforce key messages through a variety of media. Galen works to develop compelling outreach programs that resonate with your target audience.

Patient Outreach

  • Newspaper/Print Advertising
  • Radio Advertising
  • Television Advertising
  • Targeted Direct Mail
  • Study Information Websites
  • Office Posters
  • Public Relations (Print/Broadcast)

Referring Physician Outreach

Oftentimes, the most qualified study patients come from physician referrals within an investigator's network. From customizable letters to study overview materials to inclusion/exclusion reference cards, Galen develops effective communication campaigns that help differentiate your study and drive response among referring physicians.

Site Support Materials

Generating patient interest is a key first step in the patient recruitment process. However, Galen also sees to it that investigators and study coordinators are armed with the patient education tools they need to turn interest into consent and subsequent enrollment. Our patient information and study overview brochures deliver clear messages that inform patients while building study credibility.

Media Coordination

For each study market, Galen researches and identifies the most cost-effective media mix needed to reach prospective patients and drive response. Galen then negotiates the media buy and manages the day-to-day scheduling of advertising - helping to ensure the best possible return with each round of outreach.

Recruitment Campaign Management

Galen oversees each step of the recruitment campaign, from coordinating media placement, to managing referring physician outreach, to distributing patient education materials, to engaging coordinators throughout the study. A successful patient recruitment campaign is dynamic with many moving parts - we see to it that no details are overlooked.

Pre-Screening/Real-Time Tracking

Clinical study coordinators are increasingly spread thin. Galen's HIPAA certified phone screening team provides high-quality patient pre-screening, ensuring that study coordinators are only put in touch with actionable patient-candidates. In addition, study sponsors are provided secure, real-time access to patient screening results - providing instant data on individual site performance, recruitment status, and reasons for subject disqualification. These data are key to understanding study status as well as fine-tuning successive recruitment campaigns to maximize results.

Patient Retention

Effective patient retention begins with a mindset - that even the smallest gestures can make study patients feel valued. Galen offers a range of simple, cost-effective programs designed to limit patient loss to follow-up and associated impact on outcomes data. From appointment reminder calls, to thank you notes, to ongoing patient education materials, it has been shown that patients are more likely to complete a trial if they feel valued throughout the clinical evaluation process.

Galen Gateway™

Galen Gateway connects study sponsors and coordinators in a secure, web-based environment that makes it easier than ever to manage patient flow from referral to study completion. With Galen Gateway powering your study, all team members are better informed - leading to better decision-making throughout your study:

Galen Gateway Delivers:

  • Study coordinator access to new patient referrals in real-time
  • Ability to add and pre-screen internally generated referrals
  • Appointment/reminder scheduling from initial screening visit through final follow-up
  • Customizable appointment reminder printouts for patients
  • Study coordinator access to recruitment/retention materials, latest study news, and FAQ's
  • Sponsor access to real-time, searchable/sortable enrollment data
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